Buy a new parts washer and pay 3-4 times more OR get it repaired for much less...even if it includes freight.

If you're not quite yet ready to give up on your existing automatic parts washer, we can provide you with repairs and servicing that will get your parts washer back up and running and get you back in business.

We provide a range of quality repairs and servicing for almost every brand of automatic parts washer on the Australian market. These might include the following brands:  

- Apollo
- Turbowash
- Washpod
- Robowash
- Hotwash
- Furlan
- Granowski Hot Wash
- Bio-Chem HTW-II Parts Washers
- Warthog
- AIE Parts Washers (Auto & Industrial Equipment)
- SAE Jetwashers



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With more than 10 years experience in parts washer installation, servicing and repairs, we offer the following services:

- Servicing, repairs and upgrades
- Parts
- Technical support
- Biodegradable detergent
- Anti-foamer
- Small parts baskets and accessories

We'll help you keep your parts washer running at its optimal performance. In return, you'll continue to be able to save time, labour and costs associated with manual cleaning.

We can easily take care of freight using our freight company, or yours, whatever is the more economical choice. It all adds up to getting your parts washer back in working order for much less than it would cost to buy a new one.

Turbowash automatic, industrial parts washer being serviced

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Prentice automatic, industrial parts washer XM75Prentice automatic, industrial parts washer XM125

VGS - Vertical Gravity Separator

Vertical Gravity Oily Water Separator
The Vertical Gravity Separator has been developed to effectively remove oil, grease and suspended solids from wastewater.
SAE32 solvent sink

SAE 32
Parts Washer / Solvent Sink

The SAE 32 parts washer and degreaser is a manual parts washer for automotive and industrial mechanical workshops. It uses solvent to manually clean auto and industrial parts up to 32"in length.

The Prentice automatic, industrial parts washer range is ideal when repairing trucks, tractors, reconditioning diesel and petrol engines, in fact any parts cleaning that requires a job well done

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