High Performance Diesel Engine Electric Motor

ECB200 & ECB400 dynamometers are two technically advanced Eddy Current dynamometers.

These new air cooled models are higher speed/high horsepower units which are highly accurate, operator friendly, and ready to use with minimal installation.

The units come standard with a 25 ft. remote load control and our DynoPro 2100S computer, with digital display of power, rpm, torque & torque rise.

For the reporting of test results, AW offers a basic interface printer, or sophisticated software systems, with real time test data, graphics and test data storage.

Every year, more buyers choose the high torque, high horsepower AW dynamometer.

Bullet point image High Speed Range 0 - 4000 RPM
Bullet point image Low Maintenance
Bullet point image Low Electrical Consumption
Bullet point image Highly Accurate Test Readings
Bullet point image Precise Control
Bullet point image Power Supply w/- Remote Control, 220V Single Phase Panel with Isolator allows Operation of Single Brake or Double Brake
Bullet point image DynoPro 2100S computer & printer (see below)


AW Dynamometers - ECB200

Power Ratings
Model Max Speed 900 RPM 1200 RPM 1800 RPM 3600 RPM Max Torque
ECB200 (hot) 4000 RPM 6 - 125 HP
4 - 93 kW
7 - 140 HP
5 - 108 kW
9 - 175 HP
7 - 130 kW
15 - 200 HP
12 - 150 kW
1000 ft/lb
1350 Nm
ECB400 (hot) 4000 RPM 8 - 250 HP
6 - 186 kW
10 - 280 HP
8 - 210 kW
15 - 350 HP
12 - 265 kW
30 - 400 HP
24 - 300 kW
2000 ft/lb
2700 Nm

Note: ECB400 has the flexibility of also being a ECB200, by simply disconnecting one of the Eddy Current units.

View - ECB200 Power Graph & Torque Graph - ECB400 Power Graph & Torque Graph

NEW DynoPro 2100S Computer & Printer

Displays power, torque and torque rise with easy calibration
Displays imperial (hp ft/lbs) or metric (kW Nm) through a simple touch menu setup.

ETS software for external computer such as laptop available. 

DynoPro 2000 Computer Sample Report
DynoPro 2100S Computer Sample Print Report
of a Full Range Power Test

RTX Remote & Smart Load

Auto adjust for constant RPM / torque Set-Point ability
(Set on 2000 rpm, stays on 2000 rpm)
Real time data display

RTX Remote & Smart Load

AW Engine Test System (ETS)

Computer software that enables reports,
graphs and full test data.
Connects directly from dyno's digital display to an external PC
( i.e. laptop)

Ideal for Ag or Diesel engine.
AW Engine Test System (ETS)

Shield Package
High Speed Shaft Kit

High Speed Shaft Kit

Bullet point image High Speed Drive Shaft
Bullet point image Shield Package
Bullet point image Universal Adaptor for engine testing
Optional Engine Stand
Engine Stand


Engine Stand

with bell housing mount or pad mount
(4000 kg capacity).

Electric Motor Testing Stands

1800-E & 1850-E Models
(3600 kg capacity).

More Information (PDF File)

1800-E Electric Moter Testing Stand

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