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A.M.D.S. has in stock a comprehensive range of new AW Dynamometer parts,

along with prompt delivery & complimentary technical advice & literature.
We are in direct contact with the factory, & we can provide further technical assistance when required.

We supply specially prepared synthetic drum lubricant 
(to ensure continued operation use only the genuine product).

Service Managers please note:

oil service required on ag dynamometer brake drums every 12 months (or 100-150 hrs).
Dynanmometer Lubricant

AMDS has its own fully equipped service department. All AW dynos can be rebuilt and tested in our service facility.

For a very realistic price an old machine can be made workable again, an item that has simply been taking up space can become a money earner for the business.

Many of the early AW dynos were sold to dealers in the 70's and in some cases those same units are still in the workshops of the original owners, some machines have passed through several owners, often unusable due to age and lack of attention.

Once dismantled, you will receive a quote and no work will be carried out on the dyno before any consultation has occurred.

If you have any questions about any part or operation of your dyno - be sure to contact us.
All it will cost is the phone call, or email

Large assortment of good used AW parts to suit all ag models
Wanted Used Dynos, Any Condition
M&W P400 & P2000 parts including P2000 gearbox & coolers, P400 hyd pump & cooler, etc

Contact Information
For further details or a quote please contact
Chris Smith
Phone: (02) 6921 2011

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