An automatic industrial parts washer that boosts productivity and reduces waste.

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Far from being a burden on your business, the Prentice Xtra-Man industrial parts washer is an asset that will go on making you money, all year round.

Whilst some mechanics may wash parts manually using a hand-held pressure washer, solvent sink or something similar, even charging for this method of parts washing still has businesses losing money.

How’s so? Throughput and productivity is massively reduced in comparison to using an automatic industrial parts washer. A Prentice Xtra-Man can triple your returns in this area.

Triple Your Parts Washer ROI

  1. Each time you use your parts washer, the client is charged, increasing your revenue.
  2. Technicians are free to undertake billable work, previously manual cleaning drained your business
  3. The resulting increase in productivity means higher throughput and higher returns.

Reduce Your Oily Water Disposal Costs

Further reducing costs, the Prentice Xtra-Man parts washer is one of the few washers on the market that comes standard with an oil skimmer, reducing your waste disposal costs and lengthening the life of your solution. Better still, you’re not having to clean out your parts washer as often.

Add to this an ISS Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS) and you’ll reduce your costs even further whilst fulfilling your obligation to our environment and your council’s regulations. Remember, failure to do this can be extremely costly.

With over a decade of experience in the Australian market, we strive to offer you a competitively priced
business asset that is reliable and backed up by 12 months warranty plus parts and technical support for the life of your parts washer.

  • 7 day timer (on most models), helps manage washer energy consumption
  • Gear drive (on most models), slow 4-5 rpm optimises water jet penetration
  • Low water level sensor (standard), protects your heating elements
  • Stainless steel oil skimmer (standard), reduces waste & disposal costs
  • Solid mild steel hinges (standard), no expensive gas struts to replace
  • High volume stainless steel pumps (standard), no rust to worry about

Prentice XM50 automatic, industrial parts washer

Prentice XM50 Parts Washer
Automotive & Light Industrial
Turntable diameter: 750 mm
Job Height: 1000 mm
200kg max capacity

Prentice XM75 automatic, industrial parts washer

Prentice XM75 Parts Washer
Plant & Industrial
Turntable diameter: 740 mm
Job Height: 1300 mm
400kg max capacity

Prentice XM125 automatic, industrial parts washer

Prentice XM125 Parts Washer
Heavy Duty Industrial
Turntable diameter: 1250 mm
Job Height: 950 mm
1250kg max capacity

Prentice XM150 automatic, industrial parts washer

Prentice XM150 Parts Washer
Extra Heavy Duty Industrial
Turntable diameter: 1500 mm
Job Height: 1500 mm
1500kg max capacity

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