Used Equipment Evaluation Service
A.M.D.S. offers, by subscription,
an itemised tool for the evaluation of used equipment
(compiled with information sourced from actual dealer's sales history).
The A.M.D.S. Used Equipment Evaluation Service is designed for professional businesses involved in the retailing & wholesaling of the equipment listed.
When subscribing to A.M.D.S. the user may refer to a comprehensive handbook which is supplied and updated quarterly. This handbook lists available and actual sold units Australia wide, grouped by make, model and where applicable, the year of manufacture.

Indication of actual units moved this year to date and for the previous 12 month period are also included in this listing (Ag service is regionalised - South East Aust, Northern Aust & West Aust).

In addition A.M.D.S. answers any queries on product and offers a toll free fax service to subscribers, providing the latest information direct from the database. This is particularly useful if sourcing information towards the end of the handbook's 3 - monthly period. The data is faxed back within minutes.

Used Agricultural Machinery (Australia & New Zealand)

Regional Services - Three in Australia (S.E, Northern & WA) & one for NZ
By subscription, availability & sales history of the following equipment :
  • Tractors (large 4WD down to small 2WD, including Turf & ATV'S)
  • Tillage & Seeding (large air seeders down to small rotary hoes)
  • Hay (large square & round balers down to mowers)
  • Combine Harvesters ( & attachments)
  • Row Crop (Cane & Cotton Harvesters & Row Crop Equipment)
  • Forage, Silage & Feedlot
  • Irrigation & Spray
  • Grain & Fertiliser Handling
  • Garden & Vineyard
Dealer Directory also included

Used Construction Equipment (Australia only)

By subscription, availability & sales history in Australia of the following equipment :
  • Crawlers - Dozers - Excavators - Loaders
  • DumpTrucks - Scrapers - Graders
  • Landfill Compactors - Rollers
  • Cranes & Access Equipment (scissor/boom lifts)
  • Drilling Rigs - Trenchers - Rocksaws
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Forklifts - Sweepers
  • Generators - Air Compressors
  • Attachments & Miscellaneous
Dealer Directory also included.

Used Trucks & Trailers (Australia only)

By subscription, availability & sales history in Australia of the following equipment :
  • Trucks (Full range)
  • Special Build Vehicals (e.g Travel Towers & Garbage Compactors)
  • Buses & Coaches
  • Trailer Jockeys
  • Semi Trailers
  • B/Double Trailers
  • B/Double Lead Trailers
  • Road Train Dollies
  • Dog, Pig & tag Trailers
  • Also includes bodies & attachments
Dealer Directory also included.

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