Ease the burden on your business' waste management.

With fines of up to $1m (for corporations) and $250,000 or 7 years imprisonment (for individuals), managing how you dispose of all your trade waste has become a crucial part of your business’ operations.

As active resellers for ISS Industrial Separation Systems, you can find a complete end-to-end solution for your oil waste management. Beginning with the Vertical Gravity Separator (for oily water), we also supply water recycling systems, pits, silt traps, pumps and control panels.

The ISS Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS) for oily water, was developed to remove oil, grease and suspended solids from your parts washer waste water, designed to reduce the difficulty and number of maintenance sessions compared to conventional plate separators.

It’s able to continuously meet performance standards, handle high concentrations of oil, effectively remove suspended solids, reduce vapour content to acceptable levels and requires little floor space.

The Vertical Gravity Separator is widely used across Australia. Some of the major companies who are using it include Woolworths + Petrol (400 outlets), Shell, BP, Caltex and Toyota Australia.

Conventional oily water separators are messy, dirty things when it comes to cleaning. Someone has to remove the plates & then use a high pressure hose to clean them. What a mess...grease & oil everywhere!

The VGS does the job better. No lifting plates out - no re-blocking your system - no getting covered in oil & grease. Simply turn a valve & within five minutes you are back in business!
ISS VGS Silt traps, pumps & control panels
Silt traps, pumps & control panels

ISS Various size Fibreglass pits ranging from 750-2000 litres
Various size pitts
ranging from 750-2000 litres

ISS Vertical Gravity oily water Separator

How does it work?
(Vertical Gravity Separator)

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The VGS is a flooded system in which the inlet and outlet columns form a U - tube configuration such that the oil is trapped on one side of the main body, while the cleaned water flows out of the other side.

The main body contains a continuous truncated conical spiral pack (SPAK) which is made of oleophilic material. Oily water is delivered into the bottom of the main body where it flows upwards through the centre of the SPAK assembly.

At the top of the main body, free oil & low density suspended solids are held, which eventually flow out for collection and suitable disposal.

The partially cleaned water is directed to the outside perimeter of the conical SPAK and follows a tortuous pattern while cascading down and around the SPAK.

Here the lower density fluid (oil) is drawn up the incline of the oleophilic surface of the SPAK and back into the low pressure centre of the VGS, where it commingles with the incoming fluid and is redirected to the top of the main body.

A continuous current is created within the SPAK by the density and pressure variation down the fluid column and upward flow of the cleaned water will enter the output leg of the separator and will flow up and out of the system, whilst the heavy solids will drop to the base of the vessel.

Typical Application

VGS Oily Water Separator

Spray Wash Cabinets
SAE32 Parts Washer

SAE 32
Parts Washer / Solvent Sink

The SAE 32 parts washer and degreaser is a manual parts washer for automotive and industrial mechanical workshops used for cleaning auto and industrial parts up to 32"in length.

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