Hurtles almost half a ton of water per minute at your greasy, oily parts….but wait, that’s not all!

The Prentice XM125 automatic, industrial parts washer hits the sweet spot for the larger workshops in the trucking, mining, agriculture, rail and aviation sectors that are looking for brute force cleaning.

If you’re looking for pure grunt and clean-ability, you can’t go past the Prentice XM125. Powered by a powerful 5.5kW stainless steel pump, the XM125 delivers your solution at a rate of 470 litres per minute, at 450 kpa (or 65 psi) of working pressure.

Its 1.25t load capacity ensures you can load it up with engine blocks, cylinder heads, just about anything that will fit under its 950mm job height. The Prentice XM125:

  • Reduces power consumption and loss of water temperature (due to heat transfer) by insulating the solution storage tank.
  • Protects against heating element damage by including a low water level sensor.
  • Affords you a longer use of your solution whilst changing it less frequently by incorporating an oil skimmer.
  • Eliminates early morning starts with a programmable 7 day timer. Arrive at work with your parts washer already hot and ready to go.
  • Increases water penetration using a gear drive and a slow 4-5 rpm. Its gear drive won’t rob you of water pressure like a water driven model does.
  • Protects users by stopping the wash pump and turntable drive if the door is opened during the wash cycle, using a safety proximity switch fitted to the door.

Using our biodegradable, non-caustic, water soluble powdered degreaser and detergent, the XM125 heats your solution up to 85C and makes short work of dirty parts.

Could you use a more productive workshop with a greater volume of work and higher returns, using the Prentice XM125?

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Prentice XM125 Parts Washer
Heavy Duty Industrial

Automatic Industrial Parts Washer – Prentice XM125 - open

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"Really Love It! Has Made A Huge Difference To Our Bottom Line!"

We’ve had our two Prentice XM 125 parts washers going on 4 months now.

AJL Director, Andrew Lawson, and I had agreed we needed more efficiencies in our Burnie and Melbourne workshops. Previously, we were washing parts either by hand-held pressure washer or by using a smaller rotary parts washer we already had.

We needed staff to be generating more billable hours and it always seemed to be a battle to get them to use our previous parts washer. We felt the only way to achieve this was to go with a larger, automatic industrial parts washer.

Andrew and I researched online, compared notes, and even though we hadn’t heard of the Prentice brand before, we eventually decided on getting the XM 125.

Reduced LTI’s (Lost Time Injuries)

The XM 125 is obviously bigger but that’s not the only thing we love about it. It has reduced manual handling and because we’re often handling heavy items, it also helps with reducing LTI’s (Loss Time Injuries). We love the cabinet style over the top-load because it allows us to load heavy items via fork lift and, on the whole, has a higher job height than the top-loading machines.

We know that when we place something in the XM 125 it’s going to come out clean and it handles pretty much anything we have in our workshop.

15% Productivity Increase Is A Huge Difference To Our Bottom Line

It has increased our productivity by 15%. Now that may not seem like much but when you convert that into dollars and cents and because of the increase in billable hours, that’s a HUGE difference to our bottom line.

More Return Business

The XM 125 has enabled us to pass time and cost savings onto our customers which has improved our levels of return business.

Our OHS Audit Gave Us A Big Tick

Because the XM 125 uses a biodegradable detergent the lack of solvents in our workshop has resulted in us receiving a good report on a recent OHS audit.

In rounding this off, the XM 125 is very easy to use and we put the oil skimmer to good use. Mechanical access is good and it does the job very efficiently, so much so that staff affectionately refer to the XM 125 as “ Big Red “.

- Danie Bothma, Group Service Manager, AJL Heavy Equipment Burnie & Melbourne

XM125 Prentice Xtra-Man parts washer in use
Easy access for even the largest of parts.

XM125 Prentice Xtra-Man parts washer oil skimmer in use
Putting the oil skimmer to good use goes a long way to lengthening the life of your solution. If not removed, this muck can have an abrasive effect on your parts washer's components.

5.5kW Stainless Steel Pump

Parts washer 5.5kW Stainless Steel Pump

A stainless steel pump ensures you won't need to replace the pump because of rust. Pumping 470 litres per min at 65 psi working pressure.

The XM125 has been designed to make cleaning heavy duty and Industrial parts a breeze.

Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer

Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer

The stainless steel oil skimmer eases the load on your waste management system whilst increasing its longevity. Just 15 mins of use per week should suffice, twice if under a heavy workload.

7 Day Timer

Parts Washer programmable 7 day timer

Wake up each morning and ease your way into work day, knowing your programmable 7 day timer already has your parts washer heated and ready to go to work.

Come afternoon, program it to turn off 30 mins-1hr before close to ensure you're not wasting energy unnecessarily.

What about daylight saving you ask? It allows for that as well.

Gear Drive

Gear Drive for Parts Washer

Unlike water driven units, the gear drive allows the turntable to slowly rotate (4-5 rpm) which gives the dirty components high impact exposure to the heated solution (up to 80°C).

  • Turntable inside diameter: 1250 mm
  • Job Height: 950 mm
  • 1250 kg maximum capacity
  • Extra heavy-duty steel construction
  • Insulated 400 Litre solution tank
  • Powerful 5.5 kW 470L/min vertical pump. 65 psi
  • 50 stainless steel high penetration nozzles
  • 3 x 3.5 kW Heater Elements (up to 85C)
  • Programmable 7 day timer for heaters
  • Low water level sensor & alarm
  • Gear driven heavy-duty turntable
  • Stainless steel oil skimmer
  • Dimensions mm: H:1600  W:1730  L:1930
  • Shipping Weight: 900kg
  • 32 amp, 3 phase, 5 pin socket
XM125 Prentice Xtra-Man heavy duty and industrial parts washer with door open XM125 Prentice Xtra-Man heavy duty and industrial parts washer inside with spray nozzles

Small Parts Baskets

Reduce downtime and improve productivity by making the most of your XM125's capacity with the small parts basket

Small Parts Basket Dimensions:
400mm x 200mm x 200mm

4 Small parts baskets for parts washers

Biodegradable Detergent

This non-caustic, heavy duty powdered degreaser & detergent is specially formulated for use in elevated temperatures and is ideal for spin style parts washers.

It combines powerful alkaline salts, biodegradable surfactants, soil suspending agents, water softeners, corrosion inhibitors and builders to remove most oils, grease, lubricants and polishing compounds from both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

Biodegradable Detergent for parts washers

Ease the burden on your waste management.

With fines of up to $1m (for corporations) and $250,000 or 7 years imprisonment (for individuals), managing how you dispose of all your trade waste has become a crucial part of your business’ operations.

As active resellers for ISS Industrial Separation Systems, you can find a complete end-to-end solution for your oil waste management. Beginning with the Vertical Gravity Separator (for oily water), we also supply water recycling systems, pits, silt traps, pumps and control panels.

The ISS Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS) for oily water, was developed to remove oil, grease and suspended solids from your parts washer waste water, designed to reduce the difficulty and number of maintenance sessions compared to conventional plate separators.

It’s able to continuously meet performance standards, handle high concentrations of oil, effectively remove suspended solids, reduce vapour content to acceptable levels and requires little floor space.

The Vertical Gravity Separator is widely used across Australia. Some of the major companies who are using it include Woolworths + Petrol (400 outlets), Shell, BP, Caltex and Toyota Australia.

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ISS VGS Silt traps, pumps & control panels
Silt traps, pumps & control panels

ISS Various size Fibreglass pits ranging from 750-2000 litres
Various size pitts ranging from 750-2000 litres
ISS Vertical Gravity oily water Separator
Finance Options

Cash flow is a vital part of running a healthy small business and financing allows you to ease the pressure on cash reserves, maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Free up your staff, increase your billable hours and, most importantly, increase your revenue by financing your Prentice XM125 parts washer.

XM125 36 Month Term 48 Month Term 60 Month Term
Weekly payments $134.36* per week $104.67* per week $86.92* per week

*Principal amount financed covers current rate of 10% GST on washer.

These figures are indicative only and are subject to change without notice. They represent only part of the final amount and do not include establishment fee, state stamp duty and registration fee for Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). Payments are in advance and contain nil balloon. All finance is subject to lenders credit policy and approval. Finance provided by Mainland Finance, 94 Morgan St Wagga Wagga NSW. PH: (02) 6921 2355.

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